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You know the feeling. Banging your head against a wall that will. Not. Break.

Your creativity and productivity run dry just trying to confront the problem in various ways to bring about better results.

And when something needs to give, you start to lose control and everything deteriorates.

Except that problem. It’s still holding on strong.

I’m going to share the secret of how to get around a problem like that. And it’s not what you might think. You’ll really like this solution if you follow through with it.

The moment that changed everything for The Lions Pride

Last fall, we were in a tight spot with Rusty Lion Academy. We had clients, but we were paying more people than there were people paying us.

My business partner Bill and I were struggling to find answers about how to get hard-driving businessmen to take the time and effort to fit coaching into their lives.

Even knowing that it will improve them and their bottom line, a lot of men walk away because they just can’t stomach another commitment.

In our situation, Bill’s wife Donna saw that the strain of running the business and confronting that problem in as many ways as possible had toppled Bill’s creativity.

He was in the weeds. Bad.

I was there too.

But Donna took the reins and it made all the difference.

She forced him to do one terrible thing that seemed counterintuitive. But she asked Bill to trust her that he needed it.

Bill had to take a vacation to the Caribbean.

Sounds awful, huh?

For 14 days, Donna confiscated Bill’s iPad, phone and laptop. All she gave him to work with was a notebook to jot business ideas down in.

But she said he couldn’t even use that for a few days.

And Bill bought her prescription. For about 10 days, Bill told me he didn’t even touch the notebook. But after that, creative ideas started jumping into his mind.

The ideas flowed out of him and into that notebook while Bill sat on the beach.

By January only a few months later, those ideas had already brought in more than six figures in revenue and now account for a good portion of our ongoing revenue.

That’s the power of a break when it feels like that’s the last thing you should be doing.

Evolve your summer plans

It may be time to evolve the way you look at your business in the summer. Especially to boost your creativity and productivity.

After all, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds in the summer. More business owners pinpoint summer as their busiest time than any other season.

  • It’s conference season.
  • Work travel can dominate your schedule.
  • Summer interns may require a lot of hands-on time.
  • Your personal life is also busier because you have kids at home.

Just to name a few things that will sap your time in the summer.

But all that extra busyness in your business takes a toll. Namely, your productivity takes a dive as you try to get more done across more portions of your life.

And your creativity takes a beating because you don’t take the time to see the forest for the trees.

Creativity and productivity in legendary men

An IBM survey of CEOs found that 60 percent of them rank creativity as the most important leadership quality.

For the record, creativity beat out integrity, global thinking, influence and a ton of other positive leadership characteristics.

And Charles Darwin knew the secret of tapping into creativity and productivity.

Darwin is the father of the Theory of Evolution, but also wrote 19 technical books during his lifetime.

Creative and productive, I’d say. No matter what you think of Darwin otherwise.

But here’s the thing about Darwin: his life was a perpetual vacation by today’s standards.

Darwin scheduled his workday in three intense 90-minute increments.

You’ve probably already figured out that’s a total of 4.5 hours per day. He spent the rest of his workdays taking long strolls.

You’ve probably had vacations less relaxing than that.

But it was that downtime that helped ramp up Darwin’s creativity and productivity.

According to Nautilus Magazine, scientists who work 60 hours or more per week are the least productive. The most productive researchers only work between 10 and 20 hours per week.

Researchers are just like CEOs. They need tons of creativity.

So how are you refueling your creativity tank for maximum productivity? You probably can’t scrape by on 10-20 hours per week, but there are ways to refill your tank. And here’s the secret:

Take a summer vacation.


I said take a summer vacation.

Research shows that spending multiple days outside has the ability to improve your creativity and productivity.

That was the trigger on the beach for Bill. The pressure on the creative parts of his brain had subsided and the eureka moments flooded in.

Your mind can literally become overloaded with all you have to do in a multitasking-heavy digital environment.

So getting outside releases the mounting pressure on the creativity centers in your prefrontal cortex. 

Your best work comes from your best rest.

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That relief, one neuroscientist said, can give you flashes of insight you won’t get if you leave your brain crowded this summer.

And that can mean more money in your pocket.

Your best work comes from your best rest.

So figure out how to take a summer vacation and get more good rest this summer, Lions.

Adventure is waiting on your summer vacation. And it will refuel your creativity and productivity. A man swings on a rope swing through a waterfall.

Can’t get out?

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