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Rapid Freedom Accelerator
Yeah, stare at that image of freedom. When you're done, scroll down.
Imagine you had the freedom to go hiking on your favorite trail. Right now. Without skipping a beat at work. Ready to make that happen? Scroll down.
You're about to gain control
of your time, your business, your family, and your life, 
so you can go from a feeling of
Chaos & Frenzy to Calm & Clarity.
You’ll have peace-of-mind at work and harmony at home.
The Rapid Freedom Accelerator is a 4-part strategy condensed for people like you: high-achieving businessmen who don’t have time to waste on another broken promise of work-life balance.
Do More
Productivity & Performance
Grow Profits
Business &
Feel Great
Health & Well-Being
Love Life
Family & Relationships
You’ll Accomplish More in Less Time
Getting more done in your day doesn’t mean you have to give up more of your time. 
The Rapid Freedom Accelerator will provide you with strategic business systems which will relieve your anxiety so you can finally get a good night’s sleep or maybe even take a vacation with your family without your head being back at the office.
  •  Proven morning routines designed to give you the freedom you desire to focus on the most important tasks with the biggest impact to your goals.
  •  A prioritization system which feels effortless as it guides you towards exactly what you need to do next and what can wait. 
  •  The secret to eliminate unneeded meetings and lengthy phone conversations which can clog and back-up your day.
  •  A simple solution to maximize brain power, focus, and concentration through the use of time and day blocking.
Imagine checking off the last item on your to-do list long before the day is over so you have the freedom to explore new ideas, respond to new opportunities, build deeper relationships, or simply enjoy some “down time” without unfinished tasks robbing you of your peace. 
You’ll Have Peace of Mind at Work
You can own a world-class business operation without having it own you.
With the Rapid Freedom Accelerator, you’ll immediately make more time in your day with simple yet sophisticated systems developed for people like you - who need results now.
  •  How to find the absolute best talent in your industry and successfully recruit them for your team.
  •  Put together an accountability and communications platform which gives your team a sense of ownership and pride.
  •  Get control of your financial statements without feeling like an accountant, so you can see where you’re going and plan successfully.
  •  Build a powerful one and three-year vision which will give clarity as you grow. 
  •  Discover how to implement an exit strategy which secures your interests while treating your employees with dignity and respect.
Your business doesn’t have to feel like an out-of-control toddler in need of a time-out. 

You can actually enjoy your time at the office without feeling like you’re a glorified babysitter, and when you’re away from the office you’ll be able to relax, confident your system and teams have everything under control.
You’ll Feel Younger and More Energetic
Your business well-being doesn’t have to come at the expense of your physical well-being. 
With the Rapid Freedom Accelerator, you’ll have the energy you need to work hard AND play hard for years to come. And you’ll do it without spending hours in the gym or forcing yourself to eat boring and bland “health food.”
  •  Scientifically proven workouts which will give you greater results in considerably less time so you can get on with your busy day.
  •  Discover the foods that increase your mental focus, provide sustained energy, and keep you healthy well into retirement without leaving you trapped at the salad bar.
  •  Simple nighttime routines which help you fall asleep faster and wake up refreshed and renewed, ready to take on the day.
  •  Provide your body with all of the nutrients it needs without choking on a fist full of vitamins every morning.
You already work harder than anyone else, we’re going to make sure you have the physical stamina to play harder than anyone as well. 

You will get stronger, feel better, and live longer while managing the demands of your business and providing for the needs of your family
You’ll Love Your Life Outside of Work
Increase your productivity by building healthy relationships away from the office which increase, rather than drain you of your energy.
With the Rapid Freedom Accelerator, you’ll find your time away from work refreshes and renews you more than ever because you’ll be fully present building relationships with people who love and value their relationship with you.
  •  The value and key to building meaningful relationships with people outside of your work environment.
  •  Simple but meaningful actions you can take immediately which will connect you with your kids regardless of their age (even teenagers).
  •  How to balance the demands of a business with the needs of your wife so she knows without a doubt she’s your priority.
  •  Helping others in your life understand their value to you through subtle changes to how you listen and respond to them.
You’re going to feel a massive weight lift off your shoulders when you know you have solid relationships with the people in your life outside of work. 

Freeing up your worry about home allows you to focus more while you’re at work. It’s time to say goodbye to “home guilt” when you’re at the office building your business.
Customized VIP Solutions
Your unique challenges require a customized solution that works for your specific situation.
We’re offering you a one-on-one solutions consulting session which will allow you to overcome your specific hurdles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Present your biggest challenge to one of our experienced world-class coaches who will work with you to find solutions that work in your situation and meet your desired outcomes.
We design these conversations with a flexible schedule which will fit into your busy calendar. 

We know you have a lot on your plate so we go to great lengths to flex with you so you can maximize the results as quickly as possible.
A Community of Extraordinary Achievers
Running a successful business can feel very lonely. 
Most people don’t understand your challenges at work or the stress they cause at home.
We believe you personify the bravery and courage of a lion when it’s on the hunt. As a businessman, you are willing to fight to finish and you won’t back down until victory is yours. 

You’re protective of your family and understand the strength which is had when living life as a community… or as it’s called with lions… a pride. 

The Lions Pride is a tight-knit community of extraordinary driven men who can turn to and depend on each other for protection and support in the midst of their unparalleled achievements and challenges. 

As a member of The Lions Pride you’ll be in the company of other men refuse to be average and have proven they have what it takes to accomplish the extraordinary.

A Trustworthy Team on Your Side
...actionable, valuable advice
“As a key executive, I don’t have anyone to talk to. I needed someplace safe to talk about my challenges, problems, needs, and desires. I needed a ‘personal board of directors.’ You are a safe place to talk about my biggest struggles and challenges and get actionable, valuable advice I trust.
-Mike Holman, Plant Manager, Baldor Electric
...the personal connection
“Robert and Bill teach a life-changing set of best practices learned over their successful lives, but it’s the personal connection this dynamic duo made with me that vastly separates them from the professional coaching pack..”
-Breck Kling, Managing Director at L2 Advisor
...a priceless gift
“This has been the best investment I’ve made in years. I came to you for leadership, productivity, and business training and my business has skyrocketed. But, what I unexpectedly got was a 10x better marriage and relationship with my daughter. I paid for the former. The latter was a priceless gift.”
-Richard Chancy, Owner, Richard Chancy LLC
Ready for a
Rapid Freedom Accelerator?
It’s time to go from chaos and frenzy to calm and clarity.
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