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What’s the most important thing in your life?

If you said family, you’re not alone. One study found that relationships with family is the most important thing in most people’s lives.

However, that’s not where the people in the study actually prioritize their lives. People said that finances or standard of living occupied most of their time.

Men’s priorities

On a more anecdotal level, we talk to a constant stream of men about what’s most important to them and have found the same thing. Men say family is the most important to them but put their career first all the time.

We don’t blame men for feeling this way. After all, career is all about taking care of the people you love.

And we used to be really terrible ourselves about making time for the meaningful beyond business.

So when we start coaching a new client, we consistently set up three goals based around the individual’s highest needs.

We start by looking at the following 10 life categories:

  • Professional life (business and career)
  • Money/finances
  • Family
  • Educational (knowledge)
  • Spiritual
  • Fun/Recreational
  • Community Involvement
  • Time management/Organization Skills/Productivity
  • Physical/Health
  • Friends/Social

Every time, we counsel our coaching clients to start with a career goal. But for the vast majority of our clients, the trio of time management, organization skills and productivity is a close second.

Here’s what men who are hanging on by their fingernails at work tend to say about productivity: “If I could just be more productive, my whole life would improve.”

If you’ve ever said that to yourself, you’re right.

Literally every life category I listed above can be aided by improved productivity.

Accelerate Your Productivity

When you get more done with the time that you have, you have more time to devote to the things that you say matter most.

The better your productivity, the better you can align the most important thing in your life to the top priority in your life.

In other words, the more productive you are at work, the more you can prioritize your family and the time you need.

And that’s what we want for you. Know why? My business partner and I used to have serious problems fitting anything but business into our life. It took some serious wakeup calls and life challenges before we changed the way we did things.

But you don’t need the life challenges we faced.

You just need a challenge.

With that, we proudly announce the Four-week Accelerate Your Productivity Challenge.

How to accelerate when you’re already going too fast

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You can strip out so many of the challenges you’ll have as a businessman in your life by answering the call to this one challenge.

We designed this challenge as a way for effective men to become even more effective in four key areas of life. Each week, we’ll gear you up for a new set of challenges:

  • Week 1: Productivity
  • Week 2: Business acceleration
  • Week 3: Relationships
  • Week 4: Self (health, adventure, etc.)

And each week, the challenges will push you to get a little better in that category.

Through each challenge, you’ll find productivity is helping you reclaim time lost to not being as effective as you could be.

You’ll feel more work-life balance.

Your family will be more united as you gear up at work and at home.

That feeling of satisfaction you’ll feel when your whole life comes together is the elusive yeti most career men are chasing but can never seem to find.

Prioritize better

The 4-week Accelerate Your Productivity Challenge guides you through a series of systems and challenges you to implement them in your own business. In your own life.

In a digital age where everyone expects more connectivity, this challenge will help you see less connectivity as a driving force for good in your business. (Seriously. It works.)

With our proprietary systems, you’ll be able to better prioritize the meaningful things that will take your business to the next level. Simultaneously, you’ll learn to deprioritize or even disengage on the things that don’t make a lick of difference to your business.

Imagine always knowing the most effective thing to tackle next on your to-do list, even if you’re at home.

Imagine getting your office to-do list cleaned off in time to spend time on your greatest priorities.

Imagine feeling more time freedom and less guilt and anxiety.

Guilt that you’re not home in time for dinner.

Guilt that you’re missing an important recital because you’re on a business trip.

Anxiety that when you are home, you should be working.

Anxiety that your family commitments are slowing your business growth.

If you feel any of these feelings, take the challenge. You’re not alone.

This challenge isn’t for everyone. If you’re not willing to put forth real effort to improve the systems in your life, you don’t need to go on.

But if you want to connect with the tried-and-true productivity and prioritization methods of the world’s most effective business men, look no further.

The challenge begins Monday, July 10

Click here to claim your spot before time runs out or to learn more.

Accelerate your productivity to prioritize your life better.


Take the Accelerate Your Productivity Challenge to gear up.

Even if you think you're already in high gear.

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