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As a father, you’re shaping the world.

Sounds big, right?

That’s why you often ask yourself if you’re doing enough as a father.

But if you’re reading this, you’re probably doing better than you think as a father.

Even if you think of yourself as a deadbeat dad. Maybe because you see other fathers who do more than you.

And that makes you feel like a man who doesn’t give his children the time and attention they deserve.

You’re more than a deadbeat dad, Lion.

In this episode, we explore 7 habits of highly effective fathers that will take you farther in parenting than you knew you could go. (Hint: These are also effective for bosses or leaders.)

You’ll see firsthand the dangers of being too busy for your children because of business.

And you’ll experience with us the rare, but completely attainable experience of having your kids tell you that you raised them right.

How fathers go pro.

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If you find yourself comparing your parenting abilities to other men, take some time out to listen to this episode.

If you have children that talk back often, or worse, are headed off the deep end, listen to this episode to learn how to get it to stop.

And if you just want a better, happier family, click play in the player above to get started.

Listen to this episode to hear Bill and me talk about skills for raising your children right (or being a great boss) and more:

  • The lightning-strike moment that changed Bill’s life as a father.
  • Who to compete against in parenting.
  • How to not feel like a deadbeat dad.
  • Avoiding the awkwardness of feeling like your father.
  • How fatherhood skills transfer to the workplace, but not always vice versa.
  • Why you shouldn’t be your kids’ (or employees’) best friend.
  • The best measuring stick for your parenting skills.
  • My proudest parenting moment and the drastic measures it took to earn it.
  • Why you shouldn’t try to make your kids into you (and what you should do instead.)
  • Quitting a 25-year career because I had to miss one proud parenting moment.

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You, but better:

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Whatever your struggle, we can help you to see and achieve a greater version of you. For business, fatherhood or anything else.

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