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Do you ever feel like you’re growing apart from your wife instead of growing together?

Couples that know the secrets of a successful marriage come together through life’s troubles instead of drifting apart.

My guest today is Jackie Bledsoe, the bestselling author of “The Seven Rings of Marriage: Your Model for a Lasting and Fulfilling Marriage.”

As a man who once ended up homeless with his wife and three kids, Jackie knows that it’s not perfect circumstances that dictate a happy marriage.

What kept one man's marriage successful despite business failure and homelessness.

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Jackie tells me that even in his darkest moments that seemed like part of a drama movie, he never doubted that his wife would stay with him.

In this episode Jackie shares some of the secrets that got his marriage strong enough to withstand losing a job, homelessness, massive business failure twice over and a career pivot to writing he couldn’t have seen coming.

You’ll hear the story of a man who felt like he had failed his wife and kids, but found out that was exactly where he needed to be to start moving up.

If you want to know the secrets of a successful marriage from a man who has one despite the odds, you’ll want to listen to this episode.

If you feel a need to change careers but find it hard to pivot, Jackie’s got some killer words of wisdom for you.

And if you want to hear the real, raw story of a successful man who once struggled to make ends meet, click play in the bar above to get started.

Listen to this episode to hear author Jackie Bledsoe talk about secrets of a successful marriage and more:

  • How knowing the seven stages of marriage can help you in each stage
  • The surprising practice Jackie has used to keep trouble out of his marriage as he learns from people doing it better.
  • What it felt like to become homeless while the rain literally poured down on Jackie, his wife and three kids.
  • What it took for Jackie to get noticed as a writer.
  • The message that Jackie has that 100 million men need to hear.
  • How Jackie’s best business accomplishment relates to his three kids.
  • Being grateful for what you have—before you’re homeless.
  • Why your deepest failures may just be setting you up for your greatest successes.
  • The thing more men should do that comes easy to women.

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How to contact Jackie Bledsoe and download a free chapter of his book:

A successful marriage is founded on the secrets you should know in all 7 rings of marriage as explained by bestselling author Jackie Bledsoe.


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