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Are you giving it your all in business or are you holding back to stay on the safe road? It may be time to quit playing it safe.

My guest today is Bubba Albrecht, the founder of Give’r. His company is an outdoor-lifestyle clothing and gear company from outdoor paradise Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Bubba’s gear has appeared in the pages of Sports Illustrated, Outside Magazine and more. But not before Bubba made a decision to quit playing it safe.

At one point, Bubba was working two jobs besides running Give’r to pay the bills.

In Bubba’s own lingo, he wasn’t “given’r” at Give’r. In case you’re not familiar with Canadian slang, “give’r” means “to give it your all or go for it.”

Is the safe route in business really safe?

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But it wasn’t until he quit his bill-paying job that Give’r really picked up momentum. He launched a Kickstarter project that earned almost 10 times more than his goal and found more success than he imagined possible.

If you dilute your success by not taking chances, this episode is for you.

If you can’t quit playing it safe to do what you really want to do, Bubba has a message for you.

And if you feel like you need to listen more to your gut, click play in the player above to get started.

Listen in to learn how to quit playing it safe and more:

  • Removing barriers you place on yourself.
  • How to 10X a Kickstarter goal.
  • Why you need to commit to your special sauce.
  • How you’re diluting your success.
  • What you should know if you’re starting a business with friends.
  • How to get two hours of work done in 45 minutes.
  • A meeting strategy that will get your employees fired up.

Books mentioned in this episode:

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