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The old axiom states that money doesn’t buy happiness, and it’s true. You can hit a low point in life even if you earn high paychecks.

Today’s guest is a powerful illustration of that principle.

Dan Lok is a Canadian serial entrepreneur who owns or is involved with 21 companies.

He emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, from Hong Kong at age 14, and stumbled into entrepreneurship when he saw a neighbor struggling with a heavy mower and offered to mow the man’s lawn.

The man paid him $20 and, after a brief negotiation, agreed to have Dan back weekly to mow. Dan also secured use of the mower for other people’s lawns – and his first business came to life.

And so did Dan’s life of riches and fulfillment.

Sort of.

That business failed. So did 12 more he started. He accumulated a mountain of debt and joined what author Robert Allen likes to call the NFL club. (No Friends Left.)

It was do-or-die time—so he “did” instead of die.

But even though he was making tons of money, he sank into a deep depression.

Money didn’t buy him happiness. In fact, he says he was happier when carrying a heavy debt load with no friends who would return a call.

Find out in this episode what helped him figure out what makes a fulfilling life.

“Focus not on success, but significance.” Dan Lok (@danthemanlok) via @RustyLionAcad (Tweet this!)

Listen to this episode to hear me speak with Dan Lok about building a fulfilling life and more:

  • How you can be unfulfilled in life even though you have buckets full of money.
  • Which trait is the enemy to progress.
  • What you can learn from a man who lives in a 15th-century castle.
  • Why your financial goal probably doesn’t have enough zeroes.
  • The four stages of success – and why you should aim for the highest stage.
  • The one person you shouldn’t focus on in your business.
  • The brutally truthful conversation that set Dan Lok free.
  • What all knowledge leads toward.

Read these books to help become more fulfilled in your life:

How to contact Dan Lok:

You can get in touch with Dan through his website or via his YouTube channel.

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