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At a young age, serial entrepreneur and angel investor Dan Kuschell had to buy his food with food stamps as others looked down on him for it.

His father was laid off from General Motors in Detroit nine separate times. It was demoralizing for the man, and for his son who had to live with him through it. Thing is, Dan’s father never let the hardship deter him from being a great dad.

At a camp for coaches his father hauled Dan to during one of the layoffs, Dan got his first taste of self-improvement between pages detailing plays. He can still picture the binder it came in, and the page that spoke about PMA, or positive mental attitude.

“Winning is 90 percent mental – the rest is physical,” Dan repeats from that page during this episode all these years later.

That was an attitude his persistent father understood. And that page in a sports play binder was a catalyst for the extraordinary life Dan now lives.

His father soon found independence from the volatile GM, and started his own printing business that he asked Dan to help with. Typesetting with his father ended up being a cherished memory for Dan.

But the bigger lesson was that he needed to control his own destiny, and sooner than his father took control of his.

“You create your future; don’t leave it in someone else’s hands.” @dan_kuschell via @RustyLionAcad (Tweet this!)

But our story doesn’t end there. At age 22, Dan learned the biggest lesson of all.

“Addicted” to entrepreneurship, his workaholic tendencies cost him dearly, both at home and as a person.

Major health challenges crept up, and a near-death experience nearly silenced him for good. In this episode he likens it to God hitting him in the head with a telephone pole after he refused to heed more subtle warnings.

Now that he’s finally gotten the message, he makes his happy home part of his happy business.

“Success starts at home, then transcends into the business world.” @dan_kuschell via @RustyLionAcad (Tweet this!)

Dan’s got some great advice in this episode. Click play on the player below to get it all from a man who has seen a lot in a relatively short time.

Tune into this episode to hear me talk with Dan Kuschell about making a happy business with a happy family and more:

  • The three questions you need to ask yourself—often—for clarity
  • The five questions you should ask yourself and family members nightly for a happy family and happy business life
  • How Dan went from drafting his will, fearing he’d leave behind a wife and two kids, to balancing business and home life in a way that many men dream of
  • Having an ELF business instead of a HALF business (HINT: “E” stands for “Easy” and “H” stands for “Hard”)
  • Easy rituals to protect your home life and business life
  • Dan’s “respectable addiction” and how he managed to kick it

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Do this next to create a happy business and a happy life:

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