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A perfect day is hard to come by, even for lions like you. But success transformation coach and author Craig Ballantyne has the formula for a perfect day that he shared with us during this podcast.

The recipe for a perfect day

The perfect day is all about control, especially over your mornings.

“The greater control we can have over our morning, the more freedom we’re going to have in the rest of our life,” Craig told me during this interview. (Tweet it out!)

He calls the first hour he’s out of bed his “magic hour” which he uses for writing without allowing in distractions like email and other fluff that gets in the way of perfection. He thinks everyone should use this time to the greatest extent possible, and then continue exerting control throughout the day through structure.

Listen to this episode to learn more about this powerful method to seize control of your life and give you more freedom while also learning about five pillars of success Craig believes everyone who can persevere has.

Craig Ballantyne’s Roars and Takeaways

“Know what you want and act accordingly and you can have exactly what you want in your life.” Craig Ballantyne via @RustyLionAcad https://goo.gl/96tM4d (Tweet it out!)

“There’s a whole lot more to health than just exercising.” Craig Ballantyne via @RustyLionAcad https://goo.gl/96tM4d (Tweet it out!)

Tune into this episode to hear Craig Ballantyne talk with me about:

  • Getting his start writing for Men’s Health.
  • Emulating Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Why his typical client looks like a cast member from “The Office.”
  • Sending out 3,000 emails 50 at a time through Hotmail.
  • Why cheapness and stubbornness help him back for years.
  • The three disciplines he shoved into a blender to create turbulence training.
  • Working out for 15 minutes but burning calories for 48 hours.
  • Having “Dad strength.”
  • Shooting guns and driving cars (almost simultaneously) with Tim Ferriss
  • The one word he inserted into the law of attraction that makes it work for anything.
  • The five pillars of success (and how you need them all to clear some hurdles).
  • Craig’s anxiety attacks that mimicked a heart attack and how he overcame them.
  • The link between physical illness and bottling emotions.
  • Taking control of your day.
  • Programming your personal operating system for maximum productivity.

Books and Resources mentioned that will enhance your life:

How to contact Craig Ballantyne:

You can visit his website, follow him on twitter or read his material on earlytorise.com.

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Get ready to ROAR!

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