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Wait till you listen to the voice my guest has on today’s episode of the Rusty Lion Podcast, Young Lions!

Boy, do I feel coming up short in the vocal department!

When you learn, however, that Jeff Brown was a radio host for 26 years, has a podcast that consistently ranks among the top 10 in the Business categories of both iTunes and Stitcher, and has been nominated for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards and the Academy of Podcasters Awards, you’ll realize that the magisterial voice is no accident.

After his huge success in radio that allowed him to do pretty much everything he ever wanted in the business, Jeff was not satisfied. He no longer felt challenged, so he embarked on a new career in podcasting, where success came even quicker. And the steps that lead there are no secret! Besides doing his own show, Jeff also serves as a generous coach and mentor to dozens of podcasters across the globe, including Bill and myself (Robert); a fact which makes me especially proud to have Jeff join me on our podcast today.

Want to know who coaches your business coaches on podcasting and what advice he has for delivering on your passions? Then turn up the volume to listen to Jeff reveal the simple truths of his success in his booming and captivating voice. This is gonna be a great one!

Jeff’s Roar and Takeaway

“Excellence won’t always guarantee your success, but it will always precede it”- @THEjeffbrown via @Rustylionacadmy (Tweet it out!)

“It’s not enough to read and fill your head with knowledge; you have to put the advice into practice”@THEjeffbrown via @Rustylionacadmy

Tune into the episode now to hear Jeff talk about:

  • Anything at all. It doesn’t matter. Just LISTEN to THAT voice! [00:37]
  • His 26-year long career in radio that started with an early fire and culminated in a nationally syndicated show. [1:50]
  • Should you EVER work for free? [4:30]
  • Why he cringes when he listens to his early tapes and the development of his booming voice. [06:51]
  • What spurred him to create a side business when he was already successful in radio, and what he saw that most people in traditional radio couldn’t understand early on. [10:08]
  • Why sometimes the best decision you can take is NOT to fight for something. [13:56]
  • How not to FREAK OUT about being let go and how to move ahead with the flow. [15:42]
  • The advice he erroneously ignored and how he finally overcame his FEARS to create the course people were BEGGING him to teach. [19:29]
  • How to test a big idea in the market BEFORE you put in the time to create it, even if you don’t have a huge email list. [21:43]
  • How to reverse engineer your skills to develop your UNIQUE teaching material. [23:24]
  • The talent in his EARS (not his voice) that launched him into radio and podcasting stardom. [25:41]
  • How you can develop the talent in YOUR ears. (We’ve even got some free video training to help you out.) [27:34]
  • His coaching method for achieving the greatest impact. [29:16]
  • How the idea for the Read to Lead Podcast started in the mind of a guy who hated reading. [30:42]
  • From crazy idea in the car to launching on air: the steps to building a wildly successful podcast. [34:41]
  • Yesterday’s interview with the guy who eats frogs! [36:47]
  • Interviewing the guy who renewed his passion for reading, improved his business skills, and planted the idea seed for his podcast, all through a single book he wrote. [38:47
  • Why acquiring knowledge is NOT enough. [40:18]

Books Mentioned:

How to Contact Jeff:

  • You can listen to his Read to Lead Podcast here and make sure you SUBSCRIBE! (It’s simply golden, Young Lions)
  • You can send him an email with any questions or inquiries.

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Get ready to ROAR!

Bill and Robert

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