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My guest today is one of the few people living who can say he survived a sniper round to the face.

While serving in Iraq, Justin Constantine warned a reporter working on a story to move around more because of a known sniper in the area. The reporter took a step forward at that moment to comply with the advice just as a sniper shot pounded into the wall where his head had been an instant before.

Despite saving a life, Justin almost lost his moments later when he sadly became a wounded warrior.

“The next round hit me behind my left ear, came exploding out of my mouth, and caused incredible damage,” Justin tells me in this episode.

The sniper’s shot took sight from Justin’s left eye, knocked out most of his teeth, destroyed his jaw, and severed the tip of his tongue.

Doctors had to reconstruct his jaw with bones relocated from his legs.

His head swelled up to a huge size and he had to relearn how to walk and do just about everything else.

I interviewed this wounded warrior 10 years to the day after his brush with death, and his recovery has been amazing.

Now, he refers to himself as an army of one – but in the business sense.

He currently runs The Constantine Group, where he works primarily as an inspirational speaker and author. He also acts as a board director for the Wounded Warrior Project, plays a role as a senior advisor for the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, hosts a radio talk show host, and more.

That’s some army of one! Especially for a wounded warrior.

Still, Justin will never hesitate to ask for outside help for his army. He says he wishes he could have learned that lesson before he got shot in the face.

Even an army of one doesn’t have to be lonely. @Constantine_Jus via @RustyLionAcad #business #entrepreneurship (Tweet this!)

Listen to this episode to hear Justin tell his riveting story. He recounts how he survived getting shot in the head. He also tells how he recovered with a ton of impressive career achievements.

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Listen to this episode to hear one wounded warrior tell how to bounce back from disaster to become a business army of one and more:

  • What it’s like to survive a sniper shot as a wounded warrior.
  • When people celebrate that you said your own name.
  • The attitude that carried Justin through his darkest days.
  • How to tap into the people who want to help and why you should do it.
  • Why a side hustle can turn into your lifelong passion and career.
  • Another wounded warrior Justin looks to when he’s having a bad day, and how it helps him.
  • The mantra Justin lives by today after nearly dying.
  • The surprising thing Justin learned about people through his horrific experience.

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