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Work is like a gas; it will fill whatever space (and time) you give it.

Question is, are you giving your work too much space in your life?

Today’s post is all about structuring your life so that your work has less space, but it still all gets done.

To illustrate my point, I want to introduce you to a client we’ll call Frank.

Frank runs a retail operation, and started to feel overwhelmed by a massive to-do list when he reached out to me for guidance. His to-do list had expanded to as much space as he gave it—which was pretty much his whole life.

When I asked him to bring me his whole business so we could put it in order and figure out how he could spend less time working, the onslaught of paper was relentless.

  • Notebooks.
  • Binders.
  • Scrap paper with hand-written notes.
  • The backs of receipts with orders to fulfill.
  • Sticky notes that had been spread all over his business.

Not only that, but he told me he hadn’t been hosting official meetings, which made his office a revolving door of interruptions and mini-meetings so his sizeable staff could get things done as well.

Get the idea? It was chaotic!

His current list of to-dos probably numbered over 200 once we organized the chaos in one place.

With such a mountain of paper to climb, Frank has a hard time ever leaving work. When he goes home to his family, he does his normal daddy routine every night. Then, he and his wife both lift laptop screens and head back to work.

Now, head back to my opening statement. Can you imagine work, like a gas, filling Frank’s entire life? Filling your life?

Chaos and frenzy

Frank often jots down to-dos on random sticky notes that float all around the business. These can include everything from phone orders to off-hand thoughts about how to take his business to the next level with a company-wide vision.

The system is disorganized and chaotic. And like a gas, his to-do list literally fills all the space he gives it—his whole business and his whole life. With sticky notes, pieces of paper with hastily jotted notes, and other notebooks and binders dotting the building, you can imagine how hard it is for Frank to get things done.

Every time someone asked Frank to do something, he added it to his own precarious pile of to-dos without ever questioning whether or not he was the best person for the job. High achievers rarely think of anyone else as being the best solution, which is part of the problem.

One of my first homework assignments for Frank was to learn to say “No.” To shift a ton of random to-dos to other people who could either do it better than him or do it at least competently.

Frank, until we met, was running his own calendar, doing all his own email, making appointments, doing all his purchase orders and handling problems on the fly with too many employees.

And he had an assistant!

He had no structure. And work filled his life.

To the point it was damaging his relationship with his wife and family.

Do you feel that happening in your life? You can transform everything for the better if you know how.

Lack structure? Sticky notes don't make a structured workplace. Here's the structure you need.

Clear the chaos:

Chaos, confusion, and frenzy don't have to be the norm. Follow Frank's lead and schedule your Freedom Breakthrough Session today to implement the structure that will take you to a higher level - even as a high achiever.

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Structuring the chaos

Frank’s been a client of Lions Pride for a couple months. In that time, I’ve helped him to:

  1. Implement a digital to-do list to manage the frenzy that his written to-do list had become.

I mean, he was probably losing at least 30 minutes of each week just transferring to-do items from one sheet of paper to another.

  1. Delegate the to-do list management to his assistant.

She has been able to organize it in such a way that he now has a solid grasp on daily, weekly and monthly to-do list items. And he doesn’t spend tons of time transferring to-dos and reprioritizing.

  1. Get a good meeting structure in place to lessen office interruptions.

Frank’s meeting structure – like most men and businesses – left a lot to be desired. Your meetings don’t have to suck or suck a lot of time.

  1. Clear his mornings to get more done.

Like many men, Frank is most productive in the morning. So we’ve shuffled around all his vendor meetings, employee meetings and any other distractions from deep work so they fall in the afternoon.

  1. Delegated more to other managers.

Frank was the go-to guy. For almost everything.

With a better meeting structure in place, the right people are stepping up to do the things that used to fall on Frank. Leaders don’t go to him as much as they go to each other now. The right interactions are shaping up.

  1. Gotten him to close his laptop at home more often.

Knowing work can damage relationships for high achievers more than just about anything, I assigned Frank a simple relationship aid. One night per week, Frank now invites his wife formally to a night without laptops or phones. With the realities of a young family, this isn’t usually a night out for them.

But it opens them up to together time. This doesn’t have to be super special time. It can be as simple as watching a movie, holding hands and talking, reading books together or getting up to some…other shenanigans.

How’s the structure working out?

High-achieving Frank gets more done than ever after implementing these tools for structure.

I didn’t even ask Frank about it. Instead, his assistant called me to thank me for the amazing improvements she’d seen in her boss the past few weeks.

“He’s really feeling relief from being overworked and using me more,” she told me.

The progress in a short time, she said, has come in leaps and bounds.

These aren’t isolated results. Men like Frank who want a Steve Jobs lifestyle without the Steve Jobs hours get more done with our coaching.

They learn a lot—not how to make more hours in a day—but to make the ones they do have count for even more.

We are coaches, yes, but we offer something a lot greater than a typical coach. We offer men like Frank—men like you—freedom.

Freedom to make an impact at work and still be impactful at home.

Show me the freedom…

Just like Frank is doing, you can take specific steps and action towards balancing financial freedom with time freedom and true purpose. That doesn’t have to mean making less money.

I’d like to guide you toward a freedom breakthrough for the structure of your life and business. Using our proprietary, proven processes, you can and will find the breakthrough to true freedom and success.

Our processes makes men more structured, which leads to more financial success and less time at the office.

Less time at the office is more freedom for your whole life.

I can tell you that being unstructured is slavery. And of hundreds of men I’ve coached, not one has come into the pride who had a sophisticated time management system in place.

You’re not alone if structure is, well, hard for you to structure.

In 30 minutes, my business partner Robert or I can help you find at least one life-improving structural improvement so that every day counts for more.

And we do it for free. Your work life doesn’t have to be a gas—filling all the time and space you have to give.

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Lack structure? Sticky notes don't make a structured workplace. Here's the structure you need.

Clear the chaos:

Chaos, confusion, and frenzy don't have to be the norm. Follow Frank's lead and schedule your Freedom Breakthrough Session today to implement the structure that will take you to a higher level - even as a high achiever.

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